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Licenses and Permits You Might Need to Know About Before Starting a Business


Starting a new business venture is brave and courageous. From marketing to finance, you have quite a few concerns.

However, before you dive in and start thinking about its operations, you need to consider legal compliance.

Depending on the type of business and the state you in which you are planning to operate, there are quite a few licenses and permits you might need to get.

Here are some types of licenses and permits that you as a business owner should know about:

Local Business Operating License

This is the most common and essential license you should have. This is issued by the city or state government in which you are planning to pursue your business activities.

A visit to the local city hall or courthouse can be very helpful.

Zoning Permit

When you apply for local business license, the city’s or state’s zoning department checks if the area you plan to operate in is already zoned and that the parking area you will be using meets zoning codes.

If the area is already zoned for the type of business you are planning to start, that would be great.

If it’s not, you will have to prove that your business operations will not harm or disturb the neighborhood safety.

Environmental Permit

When you are looking to start a business that requires production or manufacturing, the air or water quality of the area might be affected.

You might be required by law to obtain certain specific permits to continue operations. Visit your state environmental protection agency and find out which regulations apply to your operations.

Fire Department Permit   

Businesses that entertain public, like restaurants, cafes, gyms etc., are required by law to obtain fire department permits.

For other types of businesses, it might not be a requirement but a good safety precaution, especially if the offices contain flammable materials.

Health Permits and Licenses

The health permit or license is a requirement for businesses that have an offering related to public’s health. They might include restaurants or general stores.

The laws and regulations will vary depending on the states.

Signs Permit

Some states have ordinances that limit the size, location, type and even lighting of the signage that’s posted outside of offices.

Make sure that you have checked the local laws and acquired any necessary licenses before you get your signage designed or installed.

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