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BondPro was founded to help agents and contractors obtain surety bonds that are essential to their business’ growth.

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  • Subdivision
  • Surety Bond Guarantee Prog.
    • SBA
  • Quick and Easy Contract Bonds
    • under 250K
  • Hard to Place License and Permit Bonds
  • Contracts
    • Performance, Payment, Maintenance
  • Commercial
    • License, Permit, Tax
  • Court Bonds
    • Probate/Guardianship, E.R.I.S.A
  • Reclamation Bonds
    • Mining, Oil Well Plugging


BondPro, Inc.

217 S. Choctaw
Bartlesville, OK.  74003

Fax: 918-337-4101

Your Trusted Surety Bond Specialist

BondPro, Inc. is a distinguished surety agency and brokerage whose home office is based out of Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  We are a General Surety Agency that can issue bonds in all 50 States, the U.S. Territories and can also help guide you over the hurdles of international bonding.

BondPro specializes in doing all types of bonds, including contract, subcontract, subdivision, commercial, court, reclamation, etc.  We like to say, “everything but bail bonds”.  There are thousands of specific bonds out there and when a situation arises where a generic bond form won’t work, we have the expertise to manuscript verbiage that is satisfactory to all parties involved.

BondPro has access to many markets – large and small, standard and nonstandard –to best serve you.  As participants in the Small Business Administration’s Surety Bond Guarantee Program, we can use this great tool to help secure a bond program that best fits your needs.

BondPro has been described as a sort of nursery that strives to develop and guide contractors from their first small bonded contract into multimillion-dollar contracts. BondPro has been so effective at this, some insurance agencies have used us as their bond department to handle all of their agency’s bond needs, knowing that we work hard to keep costs low and use a fair commission structure as well.

The Mission Statement at BondPro is to help provide a level playing field by being a vehicle for new and emerging contractors to grow to compete for larger contracts in an ever-changing surety bond marketplace.

Looking for a quick and effective surety bond application? We offer surety bonds in Florida, California and the rest of the states in the US. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs!